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Hans W. PaerlHans W. Paerl, Ph. D.

Professor Marine and Environmental Sciences
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Institute of Marine Sciences
3431 Arendell Street
Morehead City, NC 28557
(252) 726 6841, Ext. 133


  • University of California, Davis, California Biological Sciences B.Sci. 1969
  • University of California, Davis, California Ecology-Limnology Ph.D. 1973

Hans W. Paerl is Kenan Professor of Marine and Environmental Sciences at the University of North Carolina’s Institute of Marine Sciences, located in Morehead City, NC . His research includes; microbially-mediated nutrient cycling and primary production dynamics of aquatic ecosystems, environmental controls and management of harmful algal blooms, and assessing the causes and consequences of man-made and climatic (storms, floods) nutrient enrichment and hydrologic alterations of inland, estuarine and coastal waters. His studies have identified the importance and ecological impacts of atmospheric nitrogen deposition as a new nitrogen source supporting estuarine and coastal eutrophication. He is involved in the development and application of microbial and biogeochemical indicators of aquatic ecosystem condition and change in response to human and climatic perturbations. In 2003 he was awarded the G. Evelyn Hutchinson Award by the American Society of Limnology and Oceanography for his work in these fields and their application to interdisciplinary research, teaching and management of aquatic ecosystems.


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