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Speakers and Panelists

Keith LoftinKeith Loftin, Ph. D.

Research Chemist
United States Geological Survey (USGS)
Kansas Water Science Center
Organic Geochemistry Research Laboratory (ORGL)

I am an environmental analytical research chemist and environmental engineer in the Organic Geochemistry Research Laboratory. The primary focus of my research is to investigate the occurrence, fate, effects, transport, and treatment of anthropogenic and naturally occurring organic contaminants in the environment, drinking water, wastewater, and confined animal feeding operations.  My work and interests include analytical methods development, laboratory and field scale degradation and sorption studies, and treatment studies on new or understudied organic compounds that may adversely impact the water quality of our nation’s water resources. These compounds include pesticides, pharmaceuticals (including antibiotics), algal toxins and their metabolites and degradates.

Selected Relevant Publications:

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Drake, J.L., Carpenter, E.J., Cousins, M., Nelson, K.L., Guido-Zarate, A., Loftin, K. 2010. Effects of light and nutrients on seasonal phytoplankton succession in a temperate eutrophic coastal lagoon, Hydrobiologia, 654, 177-192.

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