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Kathy Echols

Kathy Echols, Ph.D.

Environmental Chemist
Columbia Research Center
4200 New Haven Rd.
Columbia, Missouri 65201-8709


Kathy Echols is the leader of Environmental Forensics at the Columbia Research Center. She has a PhD. in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Missouri-Columbia, and a B.S. in Chemistry from William and Mary College. Her research focuses are threefold: (1) Environmental forensics: development of advanced methods for chemical analysis and interpretation of complex environmental contaminant mixtures. The scientist leads CERC efforts in applying pattern recognition software to link contaminant data to toxicity measures, chemical sources, and metabolism. (2) Emerging contaminants: research including algal toxins, brominated flame retardants, fragrances, antimicrobial compounds, metabolites of persistent organic compounds, unknowns, and waste water treatment pollutants. This involves development of comprehensive analytical methods for this wide range of environmental pollutants as well as analyzing and interpreting environmental data. (3) Gas chromatography - high resolution mass spectrometry (GC/HRMS). The scientist manages, supervises, and guides the direction of GC/HRMS research. Kathy determines the direction of her section’s research program, supervising two chemists and managing the CERC mass spectrometry facility that includes two high resolution gas chromatograph mass spectrometers (GC/MS) and one low resolution GC/MS. She also oversee several high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) instrumental systems and an accelerated solvent extractor (ASE).