Why Geology?

Eric Hawes '09
Eric Hawes '09Major: Geology-Environmental Studies. Minor: Biology.
Hometown: Chatham, NY

How old is this rock ? >1 billion year old anorthosite.
Eric Hawes '09 working as a summit steward for the Adirondack Mountain Club and Nature Conservancy last summer

Why Geology? "Ever since I can remember, I have had a strong liking for the outdoors ...and a passion to better comprehend dynamic processes of the natural world. This pursuit guided my academic course of study at Bowdoin, which focused heavily in the natural sciences and primarily in geology. I was very pleased to find that most of my geology coursework had a strong field-based component that supplemented classroom work and readings. Fieldwork and laboratory sessions frequently took me to numerous locations including many of the region's coastal beaches, rock outcrops, local quarries as well as more distant locations such as the Catskill Mountains in New York and Acadia National Park. There were also boat rides on Merrymeeting Bay and treks out to frozen lakes and surging streams. The list goes on.

From the beginning, I was immensely pleased with the opportunities provided through the Geology Department. Subsequently, I found myself assisting a professor with research over the summer after freshman year. This research gave me valuable experience in the discipline and aided me significantly in landing future jobs."

Mike Wolovick '09Mike Wolovick '09
Major: Geology-Physics; Minor: Religion. Hometown: New York City

In New Zealand doing geology field work.

Why Geology? " I decided to be a geo major because I took Marine Environmental Geology 103 and enjoyed it."

Ike Irby '09
Ike Irby '09Major: Geology Minor: Physics
Hometown: Murrieta, CA

Hiking in Islao - south central Madagascar

Why Geology? "I knew that I wanted to find a major that would allow me to get out of the class room as much as possible. My freshman fall I decided to take Geo 101 because I didn't get into the intro ES class. After that knew that I had found a department that I could call my own. The department is small enough that you can really get to know all of the professors and the other majors and minors." 

Nick Crawford '09
Nick Crawford '09Major: Geology- Environmental Studies Minor: Biology
Hometown: Hawley, MA

Studying geology in New Zealand with Mueller Glacier and Mount Cook (Southern Alps) in the background.

Why Geology? "Geology was one of my many interests coming into Bowdoin but it wasn't until taking Geo 100 with Chris Gerbi and Joanne Urquhart that I decided to major in it.  I especially liked the small department feel where you get to know all of the geology majors, faculty and staff.  I also liked the hands on field and lab work that is extremely practical and can be taken anywhere in the world including New Zealand where I studied geology while abroad."

Lilly Morse '09
Lilly Morse '09Major: Geology- Environmental Studies
Hometown: Hamden, CT

Why Geology? "I signed up for Geo 100 (Environmental Geology and Hydrology) my freshman spring because it sounded like a great introduction to the field of geology.  I'll never forget our first lab--traveling to Reid State Park in a major snowstorm to measure sand dune heights.  Spending time outside doing field work is my favorite thing about geology, and I've loved the opportunities I've had to explore parts of Maine I otherwise wouldn't have known about.

Ali Chase '09
Ali Chase '09Major: Geology-Environmental Studies Hometown: Canterbury, NH

Why Geology? "I was always interested in science and the outdoors, as well as environmental issues. I decided to take environmental geology and hydrology my freshman year because it sounded relevant to my interests, and it was the class that sparked my interest in geology. I loved learning about the natural earth and its most fundamental structures, as well as earth history, and finally more current geological issues, such as hydrology and oceanography."