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Resources for Classes and Research

Geology Research Guide, Bowdoin College Library

National Weather Service: Find out current weather patterns, hurricane information, and links to other sites of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Organization (NOAA).

West's Geology Directory: A large web site index for geology and earth sciences.

Global Volcanism Program: The National Museum of Natural History (Smithsonian Institution) created this site which includes volcanic activity reports and a list of all the volcanoes in the world.

WWW Tide and Current Predictor: Excellent site to find tide information on coastal cities around the world.

Glossary of Geologic Terms: This is a page from Iowa State University that gives an illustrated glossary of geological terms -- everything from aa lava to zone of saturation.

Geologist's Lifetime List: This site gives a complete listing of all of the essential or desirable locations for geologists or travelers to visit.

Color Landform Atlas of the United States: This site gives links maps of each of the 50 states

Tides for Brunswick, ME

Tides for Portland, ME

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Research Opportunities

Casco Bay Project: Bringing research into the classroom

Electron Backskatter Diffraction and Orientation Imaging Microscopy Laboratory

Please view faculty pages to learn more about the research interests of geology faculty

The geology department maintains a binder with information on other summer programs. It is in the process of reorganization. The information is in Room 118 for the moment.

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