Instructions for Use of the Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)

Cleaning the Water Chiller Tank

*Important Safety Note*
Before starting this process, shutdown the SEM to RED and turn the switch on the front of the water chiller display panel to OFF.

Getting Started

  1. Remove both the water chiller lid and the tank lid. Remove the front panel by releasing the 6 thumb screws.

Draining the Tank

  1. Loosen clamp on black drain hose. Remove it by pulling down and place a rubber stopper in the top of the hose until you are ready to drain the tank. (No need to loosen or remove brass spigot.)
  2. Place a large volume (>5 gallon) container on the floor by the front panel. A bucket will work but a large, shallow pan is preferable for more thorough draining.
  3. Thread stoppered drain hose down and through the opening in the front panel, into the pan.
  4. Remove rubber stopper and drain water into pan.

Cleaning the Tank

  1. Soak up the remaining water with a sponge and wipe out excess sediment from bottom of tank.
  2. If necessary, remove the filter (white plastic piece connected to red hose on far right of tank) and clean it with a soft brush.
  3. Reattach hose to brass spigot to prepare to flush system.
  4. Fill tank with approximately 5 gallons of clean tap water. Water level should be at blue line on left side of tank. Add 92mL of bleach. Replace tank lid and run chiller for about 15 � 20 minutes.
  5. Drain water from tank as before and repeat process as needed until water runs clean.

Refilling the Tank

  1. Refill tank with 5 gallons of deionized water. Add 150uL of bleach (= 8ppm).
  2. Test pH. pH should be close to neutral. Adjust if necessary.

Maintenance Schedule

  • Check water level and cleanliness regularly, about once every 3 months. Add deionized water as needed.
  • Clean water tank annually or more often as needed.