Department Handbook

Earth and Oceanographic Science FAQ

I had declared a geology major, do I need to complete a new form to declare an Earth and Oceanographic Science (EOS) major?
No, if you previously declared a geology major, you do not need to complete a new major form.

I had declared another major, but now want to major in EOS. What do I do?
You should list what courses you have taken that will count towards the EOS major and come talk to one of the faculty.

What introductory courses will be counted toward the EOS major?
100, 101, 102, and 103 will all count toward the EOS major. The new EOS requirements permit only one introductory course will count toward the EOS major. However, if you have already taken two of these introductory courses, both will count toward the EOS major.

I will be a sophomore next year, and plan to declare an EOS major, which requirements do I follow?
Ideally rising sophomores (class of 2013) will follow the new requirements for the EOS major. However, there may be a few substitutions. Faculty will be happy to work with you to answer other questions you may have.

I will be a junior next year, which requirements do I follow?
We highly recommend that rising juniors (class of 2012) meet with a faculty member with a list of classes they have taken. Some rising juniors may find themselves doing a cross between the previous requirements and the new requirements based on courses already taken and courses that will be available.

I will be a senior next year, do I follow the previous geology requirements or the new EOS requirements?
Most rising seniors (class of 2011) will follow the previous geology requirements. Note that you may need to substitute for a couple classes that will no longer be offered – see the next question.

I am a declared geology major and need 202, 275, or 276 for the major and these are no longer offered. Am I in trouble?
No, you are not in trouble. You will need to take a course in the place of these courses. If you need 202, the best course to take will be EOS 315, next offered spring 2011. If you need 275 or 276, the best course to take will be EOS 314, next offered fall 2012. If these options do not fit in your schedule, please come talk to one of the faculty and we will help you select a course to successfully complete your major.
I am a Geology/ES or EOS/ES major and wonder if the EOS 302 or EOS 343 will count for the ES senior seminar?
Yes. Both EOS 302 and EOS 343 will count towards the departmental major and for the ES senior seminar.

I am a graduating senior, will my transcript state that I majored in Geology or Earth and Oceanographic Science?
For 2010 graduates, your transcripts will list Geology. For classes 2011 and beyond, your transcripts will list Earth and Oceanographic Science.