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Earth and Oceanographic Science

EOS Field Seminar to Grand Manan Island, September 2012

Story posted March 26, 2013

In September 2012, 32 students and 7 faculty and staff from the EOS department traveled to Grand Manan Island, located in the Bay of Fundy for an Earth System Science field seminar. The group spent three days traveling to 8 locations where they collected data, interpreted datasets and synthesized the earth system science story of the island. On shore, students measured beach profiles at three different locations, examined glacial till in a variety of settings, measured the fracture patterns in massive basalt flows, determined the sense of motion along faults exposed at two beaches, and identified minerals and rock types to construct physical models of the island's stratigraphy. During an oceanographic cruise, students measured a depth profile of salinity, temperature, chlorophyll and dissolved oxygen, identified phytoplankter and ranked the abundance of each species, and measured oxygen in sea water to estimate ocean productivity.

Video made by Danica Loucks