Healthy Eating

We work hard to ensure that it’s easy to eat well at Bowdoin. Our philosophy is that there are no “good” foods or “bad” foods. Everything is fine if eaten in moderation. It also helps if you exercise regularly, drink enough liquids, get adequate sleep, and find ways to deal with the stresses of young adulthood and college life.

Most students at Bowdoin are on a meal plan that allows them to access our facilities every day. We offer 24 meal opportunities per week which include breakfast, lunch or brunch, and dinner, seven days a week. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights there is another light meal period from 10:00 pm to 1:00 am called SuperSnack. The a la carte operations at Smith Union are open each day and can supplement and add variety to your dining experiences.

You’ll find our staff concerned and accommodating should you have special dietary issues.  If you have a food-related medical condition, please email Dining Director, Mary Lou Kennedy, M.A., R.D. or call 725-3067 to make an appointment.  Bowdoin Dining Service will work directly with you to assist you in making menu selections and making sure that we have any unusual products or ingredients available if necessary.

Helpful information you can provide includes:

  • Specific condition or allergy
  • Physician or Health Services requirements or recommendations
  • List of your personal likes/dislikes

For individual, on-going dietary counseling, please contact Student Health Services, 725-3770.

We think the key to healthy eating is to take advantage of the variety of choices that are available every day. Since each dining hall offers a unique menu, it’s smart to check the website to see what’s available. Make sure there’s a lot of color on your plate and try to visit our great salad bars. If you think we can do better, we’re always happy to hear your concerns and suggestions. Feel free to contact Michele Gaillard, Associate Director, at 725-3317 or

We’ve provided some links to good nutrition and healthy eating resources on the web.  For more links, visit the Bowdoin Health Services site.