For general information, please call the Dining Service Office, located on the second floor of Thorne Hall, 725-3211.

Dining Service Office
Lisa Bouffard Administrative Coordinator 725-3211
Alison Cyr Administrative Coordinator 725-3181
Ken Cardone Associate Director/Executive Chef 725-3208
Michele Gaillard Associate Director of Operations 725-3317
Tricia Gipson Business Manager 725-3912
Deborah Infante Staffing Coordinator 725-3810
Mary McAteer Kennedy, M.A., R.D. Director of Dining and Bookstore Services 725-3067
Matthew Caiazzo Sourcing & Menu Manager 725-3432
Thorne Dining Hall
Mark Dickey Unit Manager 725-3935
Daran Poulin Production Manager/Head Chef 725-3431
Moulton Union Dining Hall
David Crooker Production Manager/Head Chef 725-3203
Lester Prue Unit Manager 725-3542
Smith Union Retail Operations
Adeena Fisher Manager of Retail Operations 725-3180
Bowdoin Organic Garden
Jeremy Tardif Garden Manager 725-3211