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Bowdoin Organic Garden

Story posted August 17, 2012

It's been a great year so far at the Bowdoin Organic Garden!

The Bowdoin garden consists of three plots spread out across Brunswick-Freeport.  A small plot is conveniently located on-campus, which provides fresh greens, herbs, flowers and blueberries close enough to our kitchens for our chefs to sneak a pick.  The main location is an acre of Buxton clay, a mile or so southeast at Crystal Springs Farm, on land owned by the Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust and leased by Seth and Maura Kroeck.  There, Bowdoin has been working the soil since 2005.  Most recently, we added a field at Wolfe's Neck Farm in Freeport where we have planted our late harvesting squashes, pumpkins and potatoes.

The crew this year consists of Sara Cawthon, garden manager, Marielle Matthews, garden assistant, and two Bowdoin student interns, Peter Rosencrans and Matthew Leiwant.  They were joined by Bates student, Lucy Brennan, who wanted to learn how a garden program operates. The students started working not long after finals in May and it has been interesting to see both their physical and psychological transformation after spending several months in fresh air and dirt!

As any gardener can attest, there's no knowing what to expect from year to year.  June was very wet in our area which allowed time for carpentry projects and worm beauty contests.  July was everything one could hope for with dry, sunny days and explosive growth.  August has been a mix of both and the harvest just keeps coming.  We plan the garden to yield plenty of late produce so that our academic year students get the most they can of beautiful basil, zucchini, tomatoes, squash and fresh field greens.

The bounty of the garden is tangible proof of Bowdoin's investment in good food and our commitment to our region and sustainability.  It also contributes to some of the best food you'll ever have on a college campus.

"The bounty of the garden is tangible proof of Bowdoin's investment in good food, and commitment to our region and sustainability."