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Root Vegetable Rodeo

Story posted March 09, 2012

Two teams going toe to toe, willing to put everything on the line for the chance to come out on top. Thorne Hall was the venue, and food was the game. The 8th annual Doug Pollock Polar Chef Competition was held in the dining hall on Wednesday night, in front of hundreds of cheering students.

The teams consisted of four students each (okay-one ringer) who flew into action as soon as the ingredients were revealed.  The mystery market basket included many Maine ingredients, mussels, chicken, shrimp, root vegetables, tomatoes, cheeses, and maple syrup. Faces showed intense concentration as hands went about peeling, chopping, dicing, steaming and frying. The evening's judges, Professor Henry Laurence, Dean Leana Amaez, local restaurateur, Richard Gnauck of Richard's Restaurant in Brunswick, and Silvia Serban from the Student Activities Office quietly observed the action.

The Power Rangers were up first with their lovely plate of Fried Chicken, Root Vegetable Cake, Whole Wheat Pasta with Maine Shrimp and Pesto, and Mixed Greens, Vinaigrette. They were followed by The Butter People who pulled off a beautiful Steamed Haddock with Maine Mussels and Beurre Blanc, and a delicate Root Vegetable Salad.

The judges showed appreciation for both teams but a slight edge was given to The Butter People who were presented with culinay gold medals and the coveted silver spatula award.  It was just another great night at Bowdoin Dining.

"It was just another great night at Bowdoin Dining."

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