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Prelude to Spring

Story posted February 13, 2012

Three to four times a year, Dining Service presents a special catering tasting event and invites some of our on-campus clients to attend. The word must be out about what a great time this is because we received immediate acceptances to the E-vite for our most recent tasting. Anyone waiting for an RSVP these days knows how rare this is!

Our executive chef starts months ahead determining his theme, collecting recipe ideas and discussing it with the head chefs.  This time, the focus was on updating our ubiquitous sandwich platters and new ideas for spring hors d'oeuvres, entrees, salads and desserts for special dinners.

The chefs take turns describing the menu items they have produced while we wait with polite restraint.  When given the signal to start, we work through the menu item by item, tasting, comparing impressions, and discussing presentation styles. Copious notes are taken by a diligent scribe and pictures are taken for future reference. The feedback we receive is immensely helpful in fine-tuning our catering menu and our guests seem to enjoy the ability to influence what may end up on their plate!

One of the big winners this time was the individual Tres Leche cake which we adapted from a very popular recipe originally served to students in the dining halls during a Latin American theme meal. It was deemed "muy delicioso"!