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Passover at Bowdoin

Story posted April 09, 2012

On Friday night, April 6, 2012, Moulton Union was the site of another successful Passover Seder at Bowdoin.  For many students, spending Passover away from family is a daunting and sad prospect.  Bringing the Bowdoin community together and including students, faculty, staff, guests and non-Jews to share the meal provides a new and meaningful context for the celebration of the holiday.

The seder, sponsored by Bowdoin Hillel, is very well attended and now fills to capacity beautiful Main Lounge.  A buffet is provided in the lobby.  Bowdoin chefs prepared matzo ball soup, grilled lemon chicken, horseradish & smoked salmon-crusted salmon filet, charred eggplant and red peppers, roasted potatoes & root vegetables, as well as charoset, gefilte fish, boiled eggs and lots of matzo.  Plates of assorted macaroons, fruit kebabs and chocolate-dipped strawberries brought the meal to a satisfying close.