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Story posted April 09, 2012

April 5, 2012.  Daran Poulin, head chef at Thorne Hall, rolled his eyes at the mention of the locavore meal served last night at Thorne Hall, "The September locavore dinner is sooo much easier".  For residents of the slowly warming northeast, where daytime temperatures are in the low 50's if we're lucky, the chilly earth is not yielding much to feed the 1600 students and guests who look forward to this bi-annual feast.

But the quest to make a meal from local foods in early April brings out Yankee ingenuity and requires planning, perseverance and reliance on a new network of friends and suppliers.  It also makes use of traditional regional recipes that sustained folks before Maine supermarkets carried fresh produce from all over the world.

Bowdoin students seemed to appreciate the effort and gobbled up carrot soup and creamy seafood chowder, homemade kielbasa, shrimp cakes and macaroni and cheese, beef stew, baked beans, and pumpkin bread.  The evening ended sweetly with apple brownies and local ice cream.

"The September locavore is sooo much easier."
— Daran Poulin, Head Chef