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Fresh Pies

Story posted October 20, 2011

This afternoon, I visited head baker, Joanne Adams, in the bake shop on the second floor of Thorne Hall.  She was ladling her homemade pumpkin filling into pie crusts, then loading the oven.  For 112 pies, she used approximately 9 gallons of Bowdoin Organic garden pumpkin puree, eggs, sugar, brown sugar, salt, ground cinnamon, ginger and cloves, low fat milk and evaporated milk.  The pies are for Thursday's theme meal, "Celebrating Maine Culinary Traditions".

Joanne had already made a test pie and pronounced it delicious, very similar to canned pumpkin but with a noticeably "fresher" taste.  The pies are also slightly paler in color, which she attributes to the mixture of heritage pumpkin varieties included in the puree.  Joanne said that commercially canned pumpkin is made exclusively from sugar pumpkins, which are bred for color and sweetness.

Joanne and Katherine Creswell, the garden manager, are excited to find out if the students like the pies and appreciate that they began their journey to Bowdoin dining tables five months ago, in May, when seeds were purchased and ground tilled.  They think that's got to make a richer, more delicious piece of pie.

"Delicious, very similar to canned pumpkin but with a noticeably "fresher" taste".