It’s easy to eat well at Bowdoin. Bowdoin Dining provides a variety of healthy choices from a diverse and changing menu. Ingredients are carefully sourced to enhance the quality and taste of our meals. For instance, our in-house meat shop uses freshly ground, local, grass-fed beef for all our hamburgers.  You can’t get much fresher than the vegetables, fruits, and herbs that are grown at the Bowdoin Organic Garden and offered seasonally, or local produce available throughout the year.  We bake most of our desserts, muffins, and breads in our own bake shop, and ensure that only the best ingredients are being used.

Bowdoin meals are made from scratch by a staff of talented culinary professionals dedicated to providing a wide array of healthy and delicious options, many drawn from a variety of international cuisines and recipes submitted by students and their families. Our dining halls offer vegan options and selections made with no gluten ingredients at every meal, including plentiful salad bars and entrée salads at lunch and dinner. Because we prepare our dishes using fresh ingredients, we have eliminated most trans fats and high fructose corn syrup from the dining hall menus.

We think the key to healthy eating is to take advantage of the variety of choices that are available every day.  Students find it useful to check the dining hall menus on the website or the Bowdoin Dining app to see what is available and visit the dining hall that best suits their dietary needs and preferences for each meal.

We are constantly improving our methods of food preparation and experimenting with new recipes. The Student Dining Advisory Committee meets several times each semester to provide Dining with menu ideas and feedback to ensure we are providing the best service possible.  We regard our students not only as customers but as collaborators who want to help Bowdoin Dining to be the best dining service in the nation.  If you think there is something we can do to improve our program, we’re always happy to hear your concerns and suggestions.