Are there any restrictions about WHEN functions can be held?

Yes. During large College weekends such as Parents Weekend and Homecoming, there are so many functions scheduled that resources of time, available space, equipment and staffing are stretched to the limit.  Student events are already planned during these college weekends.

Yes.  Sometimes, even if you make your request on time, we may have so many functions already schedules that we haven't enough equipment or staff to handle your event.

Yes.  Dining Service plans a number of theme meals for all board students during the year.  Other catered student events will not be able to be accommodated at those times.

Dining Service can usually handle one house dinner or barbeque event per day, but there are occasions when we have to say no.  Remember to make rain plans!  This can include either cancellation of the event or re-scheduling to the next available date.  For barbeques, a 5-hour notice of cancellation or rescheduling is required.  Planning early will increase the likelihood that the event can be accommodated.  When planning events, board transfers are limited to twice per year.

Who pays for special functions? Can we use board plans to cover the cost?

You may transfer board to cover some or all of the cost of your event based on a list of attending students that you will provide to Dining Service.  There are a few points to keep in mind:

  1. Make sure the name and ID numbers are legible. If we can't read it, no credit will be applied.  
  2. If a student whose ID number you gave us insists on eating in the dining hall for that meal, your account will not be credited for the board transfer. In other words, MAKE SURE you have a commitment from students before giving us their name.
  3. The cash rate is charged to your account for all meals ordered that do not have a board transfer.
  4. The Residential Life Office also requires you to fill out a prior approval form for board transfers.
  5. All student names and ID numbers are to be turned into the dining office two days in advance of the event.

Can we turn in our board for cash or food supplies?

With notice of at least one week for situations where Dining Service can not accommodate the event, recognized student organizations can request board transfers for off-campus or group meals. Transfers are limited to a maximum of twice per year. Dining Service reserves the right of final approval for any requests made.  Account transfers will only be given for groups of 25 or less unless approval is obtained from the Dining Service Director or Associate Director.  We will provide food supplies or do a journal voucher (we must have the project code to charge to for the group) for the food portion of the full board meal rate (currently 30% of the board rate).  If you are requesting food supplies, the dining staff will determine the appropriate amount of food to provide based on the menu.  The rebate rate per person is: 

  • Breakfast $2.45
  • Lunch/Brunch $3.25
  • Dinner $3.70

What if we have to cancel our function?

We require 24-hour notice to cancel most functions.  Formal dinners require a 48 hour notice.  Call the Dining Service Office at x3211 or x3181 to cancel between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Do not leave a voice-mail message or an e-mail, be sure to speak with someone in person. For example, you must cancel a formal Saturday evening dinner by Thursday morning.  Remember, the office is closed weekends so you can't include those days as notice days!  It is also important to notify the Events Office to cancel any room reservations or set ups you have booked. A cancellation fee may be charged to cover expenses already incurred, including administrative expenses.

What about booking large events (for groups with more than 50 guests)?

To best serve your needs, any event for groups larger than 50 must be reviewed by the Associate Director of Dining Service before they can be approved.  Contact Ken Cardone (extension 3208) to discuss your needs.

Can we increase or decrease our meal or reception supply counts?

To give the kitchen time to place food orders, a final count is due one week prior to your event. To avoid additional service charges, the final guest count must be within 10% of the original estimate.

Where do we pick up our food and supplies?

You will pick up your supplies either at Thorne Dining Hall or Moulton Union. For Thorne, use the loading dock kitchen entrance, which is off South Street, behind Stowe and Howard Halls.  The Moulton Union loading dock entrance is on College Street across from the Women's Resource Center.

To supplement the food provided by Dining Service at our catered event, may we bring in food from restaurants, home-cooked items or donated food?

Food not provided by Dining Service is prohibited in dining locations (Thorne Hall and Moulton Union). Occasional exceptions may apply in instances where ethnic or specialty foods are integral to the event. In this case, all items served must be pre-approved in advance by the Associate Director of Dining Service and will be reviewed to meet food safety guidelines including proper preparation standards and serving temperatures. Reheating may be required. Additional costs may apply to cover handling.

Can we borrow serving equipment?

Except for the equipment we send to serve your meal, we cannot loan equipment. The equipment is institutional quality and therefore very expensive. Equipment sent with your function, which is not returned immediately after the function will be billed at the replacement cost.

Can we serve alcohol at catered meals?

First, you must obtain permission from Residential Life staff.  Dining Service is licensed by the State of Maine Liquor Commission for the service of alcohol. However, most events require a special supplementary permit. The process of obtaining the permit takes 3 weeks.  The State of Maine laws regarding the service of alcohol are very strict and we will work closely with you to comply with the law while ensuring that your event is a success.