Bowdoin College Dining Service

Checklist for setting up student functions

Prior to your event:

  1. Did you book the room you will be using through the Event's Office (X3421) at least 14 days prior to your event?
  2. For events where alcohol is going to be served...
    Have you received permission from Residential Life?
    Applied for an alcohol permit through Dining Service 21 days in advance?
    Established a system for adhering to Maine state liquor laws for your event?
  3. Have you designated a contact person(s) to be your event leader(s) and be on the premises at the time of the event?
  4. Did you make arrangements through the Events Office for:
    Buffet tables
    Tables and chairs for seating
    Trash cans
    Audio-Visual services
    Security to unlock and lock rooms
  5. Did you discuss a rain plan and cancellation policy with the Dining Office staff?
  6. Is the function sheet for your event filled out completely and correctly, and have you read the entire section detailing additional charges?
  7. Did you obtain permission to transfer board to off-set the cost of your event?
  8. If transferring board, did you bring your list of names and ID numbers to the Dining Office at least 24 hours prior to your event, keeping in mind the Dining Office is closed on weekends?
  9. Will you have the required serving equipment needed for your event or have you made arrangements to obtain it?
  10. At the time of your event, make sure there will be no vehicles blocking the delivery area if Dining Service will be delivering items to your function.
  11. After the event, if there is Dining equipment to be returned, have you done so?
  12. If Dining is handling setup & breakdown, did they pick up the remaining food and equipment after your event?  If not, call Moulton Union at X3203 or Thorne Hall at X3431.  If equipment remains the next morning call the Dining Office at X3181 or X3211.