Bowdoin Lobster Bake

A 25 guest minimum applies.

Gluten-free items available upon request.

Lobster Bake

The lobster bake is a Bowdoin tradition that features local Maine lobsters wrapped in seaweed and roasted over an outdoor hardwood fire.  Guests may pre-order lobster, char-grilled sirloin steak, char-grilled lemon garlic chicken breast, or roasted portobello mushroom stuffed with quinoa and vegetables.

The meal also includes Maine fish chowder, steamed clams or mussels, baked potato, corn on the cob, garden salad or coleslaw, cornbread, Maine blueberry cake, sliced watermelon, and cold beverages.

An outdoor bake requires a guest count of at least 50 people.  If the guarantee is fewer than 50 people, the same menu applies but the lobsters will be steamed in our kitchens.

Bake prices rely on lobster prices which are market driven and vary throughout the season. Please contact Ken Cardone (725-3208) for an estimate.

Full Bake Market Price
Bake without clams Market Price
Bake without clams or chowder Market Price
Vegetarian Bake $22.00 per person