Catering Policies

Guest Counts and Guarantees

  • The guaranteed number of guests for your function must be given to the Dining Service Office (207-725-3211 or 725-3181) no less than 5 business days in advance (i.e. the "date of guarantee"). If no guarantee number is given, the number given at the time the order was placed will be used.
  • A minimum of 25 guests is required for lobster bakes and cookouts, 10 guest minimum for boxed meals and refreshment breaks, and a 15 guest minimum for all other catered events.  In the event that these minimum counts are not met, a surcharge may apply.
  • Increases in guest counts made after the guarantee date may be assessed a service charge (minimum of $25 per change per event). A service charge may apply if the final count increases to more than 10% above the guarantee count.
  • Count reductions may be accepted after the date of guarantee but the amount charged will not be reduced.
  • Food and seating accommodations will be provided for 5% above the guarantee unless it exceeds the room capacity. If the actual number of people in attendance exceeds the guarantee, you will be billed for the number of meals served.

Event Staffing

  • The catering manager will help determine your staffing needs based on the size of your group, menu, style of service, and location logistics.
  • The standard staffing charge is calculated as 20% of the charge for your food or $23 per hour per wait staff member, whichever is higher.
  • Events that require an attendant or wait staff are charged based on a 2-hour minimum. Should the event be longer than 2 hours, additional time will be charged at $23 per hour per staff member.
  • When bartenders, cooks, or other service personnel are required to staff an event, the charge will be $23 per hour per staff member.
  • Additional charges may be incurred if staff is scheduled beyond regular service hours, i.e. before 8:00 a.m., after 8:00 p.m., or weekends.

Delivery Information and Fees

Delivery fees will be charged to all locations except Thorne Hall and Moulton Union.

  • $150.00 (minimum): Catering events at Coastal Studies Center
  • $125.00: Full Service Events (Locations with access issues or without elevator access: Hubbard 2FL, VAC 2FL, Museum of Art, Druckenmiller Atrium, Studzinski)
  • $75.00: Full Service Events (Other campus locations except Moulton Union and Thorne Hall)
  • $50.00: Cookout set up
  • $40.00: Breaks, Refreshments, and Basic Meal Service (Locations with access issues or without elevator access, see above)
  • $25.00: Breaks, Refreshments, and Basic Meal Service (Other campus locations except Moulton Union or Thorne Hall)
  • Other fees will be calculated based on distance and the complexity of the event.
  • Dining Service cannot deliver food and beverages to Massachusetts Hall 3 FL
  • China service in locations other than Moulton Union and Thorne Hall will be charged at $2.00 per person.
  • Additional table linens will be charged at $6.00 per tablecloth and skirting by the panel.  Each 13' panel is $20.00, and each 17" panel is $25.00.

Alcohol Service

The Maine Department of Public Safety Liquor Licensing and Inspection Unit regulates the sales and service of alcoholic beverages. As a licensee we are obligated and committed to complying with the State of Maine liquor laws.

In compliance with Maine State Law:

  • Our liquor license prohibits us from allowing you to bring your own alcoholic beverages on the premises.
  • Sale or consumption of alcohol by a minor (under 21 years), or to anyone without proper identification, or the service of alcohol to anyone who appears to be intoxicated, is prohibited.
  • Members of your group must consume all alcoholic beverages in the designated areas only and cannot carry their drinks outside of these boundaries.

To allow ample time for Dining Service to obtain the necessary permits from the town and state, arrangements for the service of alcoholic beverages must be made two weeks in advance of your event.

A permit fee of $25.00 will be charged on all events requiring alcohol.

You may choose from one of the following for your event:

  • Open/Host Bar: All charges for an open bar are to be paid for by the host in accordance with our current price list.
  • Cash Bar: All persons requesting alcoholic beverages will be charged on an individual basis in accordance with our current price list.

Bartenders are charged at $23.00/hr. with a two-hour minimum. Generally, one bartender per 50 guests is required for good service.

Minimum bar sales of $125.00 are required per event to cover the cost of transporting and bar set up.

Small snacks, such as pretzels, are required for each bar and will be served at no additional charge.

Set-ups for full bar service are $3.00 per person and include service ware, ice, condiments, mixes, etc.