Student Digest - (10/08/2013  @ 1:01 AM)

Loose Leaves (Tricia Welsch)

The first Loose Leaves for this semester will be held Tuesday, October 8 at Macmillan House at 4:30.
All are welcome to listen as students, faculty, and staff read aloud from works chosen for our
Readers get 5-7 minutes each to share something they have enjoyed reading.
The choices can be funny, moving, provocative, and downright eccentric.
Come and listen.
Refreshments provided.

This time our readers will include:
Trevor Murray ’16
Zorina Khan (Economics)
Nora Hefner ’16
Julia Mead ’16
Jarrett Young (Assistant Dean of Student Affairs)
Ryan Szantyr ’16
Marta Misiulaityte ’14
Henry Laurence (Government and Asian Studies)
Wiley Spears ’14
Katherine Churchill ’16