Student Digest - (10/06/2013  @ 9:24 PM)

Jack Magee's Specials (Richard Hart)

October 7th thru October 11th

Monday: Cranberry Spinach Burger: A grilled turkey burger topped with a cranberry mango chutney, red onion and fresh spinach on our homemade bulky roll. Served with your choice of fries, side salad or chips. $6.95 Soups: Green Split Pea Soup with Ham (GF), Sweet Corn and Chili Soup (VE)

Tuesday: Lime Chicken Quesadilla: Lime marinated chicken, onion, avocado, roasted corn, tomatoes and jack cheese served in a flour tortilla with tortilla chips and a drink $6.95 Soups: Cream of Broccoli Soup (V), Macaroni and Hamburger Soup

Wednesday: Ultra Grilled Cheese Panini: Melted cheddar, Swiss and Brie cheeses with crisp bacon and tomato on baguette. Served with chips and a beverage. $6.25 Soups: Corn Chowder (V) (GF), Lentil Soup (VE)

Thursday: Chicken Pot Pie: A hearty pie filled with chucks of chicken and fresh vegetables in a rich velvety sauce topped with a flaky crust. Served with a side salad and beverage. $6.95 Soups: Curried Carrot Soup(V), Chicken Noodle Soup

Friday: Buffalo Shrimp Wrap: Buffalo hot sauce, breaded shrimp, lettuce, tomatoes, crumbled blue cheese and blue cheese dressing. Served with steak fries and a drink $7.25 Soups: Organic Black Bean Soup (VE), New England Fish Chowder (L)