Student Digest - (02/11/2013  @ 1:49 PM)

Valentines Day Mailings (Ben Scott)

Valentine’s Day is upon us and the Mail Center staff is preparing for the influx of cards and packages. This is one of the busiest times of the year for the staff and we want to be able to pass along as many of the Valentine wishes as possible in a timely manner. To help us achieve this goal, please keep the following points in mind when sending cards to your friends on campus:

• Size – The minimum size for items is 3.5” x 5”. Smaller sizes are difficult to handle and take much more time to process, not to mention they tend to get lost in mailboxes or end up on the floor. If mail pieces are smaller than the above dimensions, they will not be put in mailboxes. If the mail center staff cannot determine who the sender is, they will be discarded.
• Material – If you are hand making your Valentine a card, please do not use single, unfolded sheets of paper. Folding a standard size sheet (in 3rds or in half) is OK. Heavier card stock is also an option.
• Mailbox order – If you are mailing to more than 20 students, the pieces should be in mailbox # order and rubber banded together. Please hand these bundles to a staff member at the service counter rather than pushing them through the mail slot.
• Fresh flowers, cakes and other fresh baked goods from local establishments are handled by the Smith Union Information desk. The mail center only handles these items if they have been sent via US Mail, UPS, FedEx or similar carriers.

Please keep in mind that if your mailings to students do not fit the above requirements, they will NOT be distributed. If you have any questions regarding this or any services provided by the Mail Center, please stop by and speak with a staff member. You may also call us at extension 3302 or e-mail to