Student Digest - (02/11/2013  @ 10:53 AM)

Printmaking Lecture: Peter Pettengill, Collaborative Printmaking and the Master Printer (Kyle Downs)

Monday, February 18th
4:15-5:15, Beam Classroom
Visual Arts Center

Peter Pettengill will talk about his experience as a master printer, collaborating with world famous artists such as John Cage, Louise Bourgeois and Neil Welliver. Pettengill is the founder of Wingate Studio in Hinsdale, NH, specializing in intaglio printmaking. Supported by the Marvin Bileck Printmaking Project, Pettengill will be visiting the Bowdoin printmaking studio from Feb. 18-23 to collaborate with Coastal Studies Artist in Residence, Barbara Putnam and Bowdoin printmaking students.