Faculty-Staff Digest - (11/18/2013  @ 9:37 PM)

Last LGBTIQA Safe Zone Training of the Semester This Thursday - Sign Up! (Kate Stern)

Do you want to show students you are an LGBTIQ (lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender, intersex, questioning) ally? Join the Resource Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity for a Safe Zone Training.

Thursday, November 21, 3-5PM, Cram Alumni Barn, 83 Federal Street

Please register by emailing Karla Nerdahl @ knerdahl@bowdoin.edu

What is the Bowdoin College Safe Zone Project?
The Safe Zone Project at Bowdoin College creates an opportunity for staff and faculty who support LGBTIQ students and community members to make visible their support by displaying a Safe Zone decal. The decal indicates one’s support and participation in a Safe Zone training that covers a basic understanding of sexual orientation and gender identity/expression.

Why sign up for a Safe Zone Training?
You are looking for a way to let students and colleagues know that you are an ally.
You want to learn more about supporting Bowdoin’s LGBTIQ community.
You want to get one of those Safe Zone stickers you have seen around campus.

What do your colleagues have to say about the Safe Zone Trainings?
“The discussion was so engaging that I took all the resource materials home to reflect on and share with my partner. I learned so much. Safe Zone training is valuable for anyone or everyone!” Cindy Bessmer, Human Resources

"The Safe Zone training was immensely helpful. As a new faculty member, it was important for me to understand how I might lend support to LGBTQIA students both in the classroom and outside of the classroom. The training was insightful. It helped me consider and re-consider the language I use when addressing students and when talking about LGBTQIA related issues. As a whole, I learned more about LGBTQIA culture at Bowdoin." Samaa Abdurraqib, Gender and Women’s Studies

"I initially didn't think I needed the Safe Zone training because I teach about issues and tensions with gender, sexuality and identity in my courses. I found that I learned so much from the dialogue and activities during the workshop and I highly recommend it for all faculty and staff at the college." Katie Byrnes, Education

Please note:
While the training is not mandatory, it is considered personal/professional development and any interested employees who choose to attend with a supervisor’s permission will be paid as though they were working.

If you took the full 90-minute or 2 hour training in the past few years, you do not need to attend again this year.

If you can’t make this date, but are interested in future dates, please let me know. If you have any questions about the program, please be in touch, kstern@bowdoin.edu