Faculty-Staff Digest - (11/18/2013  @ 1:03 PM)

Meet Accra Shepp: 2014 Photography Professor (Alicia Menard)

Professor Accra Shepp, currently teaching at Pratt, is a renowned Brooklyn-based photographer/educator whose work explores the intersection of memory, geography, and identity. He also employs sculptural forms and text to find meaning and common ground across media and disciplines. Professor Shepp will teach three art classes at Bowdoin for the Spring 2014 semester.

Professor Shepp's photographs are primarily concerned with the real world, as opposed to, but not disconnected from, purely aesthetic or formal concerns. As such, Professor Shepp's public talk will engage a wide variety of audiences including but exclusively Environmental Studies, History, English, Sociology and Anthropology, and Africana Studies.

Professor Shepp's Artist Talk on November 19, 2013, at 7:30pm in the Digital Media Lab in the Edwards Center (rm. 115), will focus on his recent work, including Islands of New York and a selection of Occupy Wall Street images.