Faculty-Staff Digest - (11/17/2013  @ 9:06 PM)

It's time to record and approve ADMINISTRATIVE EXCEPTION TIME! (Cindy Bessmer)

Just a reminder...administrative exception time for the last four weeks must be recorded and approved by THURSDAY. We added in short animated tutorials that many employees are referring to and finding helpful! We also have posted the Administrative Exeption Time Schedule for 2014, so you can add deadline dates to your personal Outlook calendar for next year when you are ready.

Log in to RECORD or APPROVE exception time directly from the Administrative Exception Time tab on the TimePro Resource Page.

NEED TO RECORD TIME? The deadline for recording administrative exception time is 10:00 am THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 21st. Exception time away includes vacation, sick time, family care time, etc. Please take the time to record your time away as soon as possible so you won’t be scrambling on Thursday.

1. Four weeks should be reported for this payroll processing period including weeks ending October 27, November 3, 10, and 17.

2. Even if you did not miss ANY time in a given week, we need you to add a record “ZIP” for at least one day in that week.

3. If you did have exception time, please be sure to list the number of hours in the HRS AWAY column.

4. Be sure to SAVE and EXIT from TimePro after recording your time away. Your manager must approve your time by 12:00 pm Thursday, November 21st, and will contact you if you have not recorded your time by the deadline.


The deadline for APPROVING exception time is 12:00 pm THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 21st. Ask those whose time you are approving to record their hours in advance of the deadline deadline.

1. Be sure any exception time has a number in the HRS AWAY column.

2. Employees only need to record one ZIP record in any week when they did not use any exception time.

3. Be sure to SAVE your approvals for each employee whose time you are approving.

Questions? Contact Cindy Bessmer (x3911 or cbessmer@bowdoin.edu). Thank you for using TimePro !