Faculty-Staff Digest - (09/23/2013  @ 3:26 PM)

Big Pharma, Big Medicine, and Technoscience Symposium (Lori Brackett)

Thursday, September 26th - Friday, September 27th

Free and open to the public

Big Pharma, Big Medicine and Technoscience: Investigating Intersection in the Twenty-first Century

Medicalization is a key concept of modernity widely used in the social and medical sciences since the 1970s. This symposium brings together scholars to explore the global dynamics of defining problems in medical terms and treating them with medical interventions in the 21st century. Panelists consider the growth of the pharmaceutical industry and the success of the Human Genome Project, their role in the medicalization process, and the effects of these changes on global health and medical care.


Sponsored by the Dean for Academic Affairs and the Department of Sociology and Anthropology.