Faculty-Staff Digest - (07/23/2013  @ 2:18 PM)

Teen-age Dreams (Deborah W. Infante)

Does your teen-ager aspire to work hard, take responsibility and learn useful skills? Okay, so maybe not. Does your teenager want to get out of the house, eat good food and earn cash? Maybe, yes?
Bowdoin Dining Service is looking for help in our kitchens and dining halls for evenings and weekends during the academic year. Good, honest, basic work in a supportive, supervised environment. Our staff has an incredible work ethic that will be a good start on their road to adulthood. A win-win situation.
If our perfect candidate happens to be lounging around your house and you’d like more information or to recommend him/her for employment, contact Deb Infante dinfante@bowdoin.edu . Must be sixteen or older.