Faculty-Staff Digest - (04/29/2013  @ 9:42 AM)

Apprentice on an Organic Farm (Anna Bourakovsky)

Backstage Farm in Blue Hill, Maine is looking for an apprentice to work on their small organic farm. The apprentice will learn how to homestead and do sustenance farming. Backstage Farm raises two small flocks of fowl for eggs and meat, many vegetables and root cellar crops in their greenhouses, have small patches of raspberries, peaches, apples and cherries, and make jams, jellies and many value added foods, such as lacto-fermented sauerkraut, pickles, dilly beans and garlic scape pesto. Farm apprentices will also learn to make yogurt, farmer’s cheese and kefir made from local milk, chicken sausage from their own meat birds, and crème de cassis and kombucha from the fruits on the farm. The farm will offer room and board and a small stipend. If interested, please call Bill or Elena at 374-5057 or Anna 664-8876.