Faculty-Staff Digest - (04/01/2013  @ 8:38 AM)

RESOURCE: Online Access to your W-2 (SeeMyW2) (Robin Saindon)

The Controller's Office is pleased to offer a quick and easy way to access your W-2 information on-line (known as SeeMyW2). While you will continue to receive a printed W-2, SeeMyW2 allows you to generate your own reprinted W-2's or import your W-2 data into your tax preparation software (i.e., Turbo Tax, Jackson Hewitt). (Important to note: To view your online W-2, you must register for the SeeMyW2 application.)

Here is how it works:

    1. Register for SeeMyW2
    • Click on SeeMyW2

    • Click on "If you would like to register based on W2 document(s), click here."

    • Provide the following company code along with your personal information: W2BOWD

    • Set up a Userid and password.

    2. Logon to SeeMyW2 via the Controller's Office/Payroll website

    3. You will now be able to view or save your W-2, import your W-2 into your tax preparation software or print your W-2. Your tax software will guide you through the data import function. Please keep in mind that you will need to enter your SeeMyW2 user ID and password during this process.

    4. Be sure to collect it from the printer, log out and close your computer browser when you are finished to protect your personal information.

GOOD LUCK and happy tax filing!