Faculty-Staff Digest - (02/08/2013  @ 9:07 AM)

GUIDANCE: Recording the February 8th & 9th Weather Emergency in TimePro (Robin Saindon)

A Weather Emergency was declared on February 8th from 2:30 p.m. until the beginning of 2nd shifts on February 9th.

Weather Emergency reporting guidelines can be found on the web on the
TimePro Resources website.

General points to keep in mind:

  • There should not be any overlapping hours

  • If you worked during the weather emergency, record the time as
    WEE (weather emergency essential)

  • If you did not work during the weather emergency, record the time as
    WENE (weather emergency non essential)
  • Those who were already scheduled for a vacation day (VAC), or who were not able to report due to illness (SICK), or who voluntarily elected to not report to work due to concerns about the weather (using VAC or SICKP) should record that code for the entire day regardless of declaration of a weather emergency.