Faculty-Staff Digest - (02/07/2013  @ 9:35 AM)

Library Database News: Expanded Science/Social Science Content Available (Joan Campbell)

There’s new content in the following science/social sciences databases (interdisciplinary humanities as well), so you will want to run your regular searches, and new ones, through these old favorites again:

Science Direct-- we now have access to almost double the amount of journals-- over 2000 of ‘em!

ACM Digital Archive (that would be the Association for Computing Machinery)--we now have access to the complete digital archive, which includes proceedings from both the ACM and the IEEE.

ACS Complete package (American Chemical Society)-- access to all 45 of their journals

SpringerLink--access to almost all of the ebooks and journals published by Springer, and that's a lot! We now have a link to the SpringerLink database as a whole so you can search across all content at once.

Happy (Re)Searching!
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