Faculty-Staff Digest - (01/22/2013  @ 9:59 AM)

GUIDANCE - Holiday Reporting Martin Luther King (Robin Saindon)

For recording Martin Luther King (January 21st) please refer to the Holiday Reporting Flowchart for guidance.

General points to keep in mind for Holiday reporting:

For employee's who worked the holiday two (2) entries are required:

  • 1st entry to indicate the hours that you worked - NORM
  • 2nd entry (with the hours you are regularly scheduled to work) to indicate whether you wish:
    • to be paid for the holiday HOL - OR -
    • to save the holiday hours into your vacation bank HOLS

For employees who did not work the holiday and if falls on a normally scheduled work day:

  • Enter your normally scheduled hours and select the pay type HOL (holiday)

For employees that the holiday falls on a day other than a regularly scheduled work day and did not work:

  • Enter one fifth of the weekly scheduled hours as HOLS (holiday save) to save as vacation hours for future use.