Faculty-Staff Digest - (01/20/2013  @ 8:26 PM)

Desperately seeking a home for Luther (Joanne Adams)

Dear Friends of Paw in the Door,

We really need everyone to put their thinking caps on for Luther! He is a wonderful cat but he has been through some bad experiences and needs a very, very special person to give him a forever home where he can recuperate fully. He was in great distress when he arrived at his Paw foster home in Bath at the beginning of November. Since then he has made tremendous progress, with the help of our professional support team and a nurturing foster home environment. But Luther really wants to be an only pet, and living with five other cats is not easy for him.

Luther is an intelligent and loving cat. As we have seen in other well-behaved cats, his reaction to an impossible home environment was to develop litter box problems. Some cats would become aggressive under the kind of stress that he experienced, but Luther is a gentle and loving soul, and he reacted in the only way he knew how.

Once this behavior is established it takes time and patience to fully recover. Luther has occasional relapses but considering that he has always been an only cat and is now living in close quarters with several other cats he is doing amazingly well. We have seen cats with similar problems recover fully and we believe that this is possible for Luther in the right home and with the right person.

Finding the right person is going to be the tricky part! We are asking all our friends to be on "Team Luther" and help to find that special person for him. Paw is committed to working hand-in-hand with his new person--arranging getting-to-know-you visits at the foster home, setting up a "safe" room in his new home to protect against accidents, and providing ongoing support once he is there. We will also guarantee to take Luther back if things don't work out (which is always Paw's policy).

What will Luther's person be getting in return? The best friend ever, that's all. Luther is a funny, smart, playful, and affectionate fellow. And he's gorgeous, as well.

Anyone who is interested is welcome to meet Luther--no strings attached. We realize that he will be hard to place but he is worth the effort.

To see his picture email me & I can get you in touch with Alicia who is fostering him so you can talk about your or a friends situation & see if it can be worked out. Poor Luther really needs his forever home! This is an INCREDIBLE cat!
Thanks for considering & thinking of him!
Joanne Adams ext. 3303
Part of Team Luther!