Faculty-Staff Digest - (01/04/2013  @ 8:50 AM)

GUIDANCE: Reporting HOLIDAY – New Year's Eve (12/31/12) & New Year's Day (1/1/13) (Robin Saindon)

For recording the New Year’s Eve (12/31/12) and New Year’s Day (1/1/13) Holidays, please refer to the Holiday Reporting Flowchart for guidance.

General points to keep in mind for Holiday reporting:
For employee's who worked the holiday you will need to have 2 entries:

  • 1st entry to indicate the hours that you worked - NORM
  • 2nd entry (with the hours you are regularly scheduled to work) to indicate whether you wish:        
    • to be paid for the holiday HOL - OR -
    • to save the holiday hours into your vacation bank HOLS

For employees who did not work the holiday and if falls on a normally scheduled work day:

  • Enter your normally scheduled hours and select the pay type HOL (holiday)

For employees that the holiday falls on a day other than a regularly scheduled work day and did not work:

  • Enter one fifth of the weekly scheduled hours as HOLS (holiday save) to save as vacation hours for future use.