Faculty-Staff Digest - (04/14/2014  @ 8:47 AM)

Criminal Births: Infanticide, Stillbirth and the Rio de Janeiro Police, 1890-1940 (Jean Harrison)

During Brazil’s First Republic (1889-1930) and into the early Vargas era (1930-1937) in the capital city of Rio de Janeiro, police were involved in poor women’s reproductive lives. Police investigations conflated fertility control practices such as abortion and infanticide with non-criminal occurrences like miscarriage and stillbirth. Drawing on police investigations of infanticide, stillbirths, and birth-related infant deaths in Rio de Janeiro, Cassia Roth '08 argues that the state’s incursion into poor women’s reproductive lives transformed events like a difficult delivery or a stillbirth into potential crimes.

Join us for this lecture
Thursday, April 17
4:15 p.m.
Edward Pols House Seminar room

Cassia Roth is a Ph.D. Candidate in History, UCLA

Free and open to the public. This lecture is sponsored by the Latin American Studies Program, Gender and Women’s Studies Program, and the History Department.