Student Digest - (05/05/2013  @ 6:11 PM)

Summer --Furnished Room in Shared House near Campus (Rachel Connelly)

Rooms available in the Yellow House (across from Brunswick Apartments) for the summer. Rent the entire 2 bedroom side or 4 bedroom side or rent by the room by the week. Furnished in vintage student furnishing, each room has a double bed, desk, chair and dresser. Kitchen and living room also furnished in a way that is usable but not like your parents' house. Perfect for graduating seniors, current students, or young alumni. Must be willing to live with others. Rent on the entire 2 bedroom side is $130 per week. Rent on the entire 4 bedroom side is $250 per week. Rent by the room may be available at $60 a week with a 4 week minimum. Phone and internet service not included. Electricity, water, sewer, heat are included. Write to for more information.