Student Digest - (02/13/2013  @ 4:50 PM)

Physics & Astronomy Seminar (Dominica Lord-Wood)

Friday, February 15th
Searles 315
12:30 to 1:30 pm

Michael Barnes, Ph.D.
University of Massachusetts - Amherst

"Chemical microscopy of nanostructured semiconductors"

Chemical Microscopy, (or chemical imaging) is a newly emerging spectroscopic characterization technique designed to probe details of structure and dynamics at the single molecule level. Because of the spatial resolution limitations in wide-field imaging, the photoluminescence images themselves don’t directly convey the desired structural information; that information is actually encoded in the degrees of freedom (wavelength, polarization, correlations in time, etc.) from individual photons. I’ll talk about two interesting case-studies in chemical imaging: optical probes of charge-separation in isolated hybrid quantum-dot/conjugated organic nanostructures, and crystalline supramolecular assemblies (nanowires) of a common semiconducting polymer, P3HT.