Student Digest - (02/12/2013  @ 12:06 PM)

LECTURE: Fashioning Feminism in Colonial Western India (Josephine Johnson)

Shailaja Paik
Fashioning Feminism in Colonial Western India

Monday, February 18th
4:00 pm
Faculty Room, Massachusetts Hall

This lecture explores important issues of rights for marginalized communities, education, and Dalit ("Untouchable") women’s empowerment in India. It will be of interest to scholars interested in issues of social marginality and the comparative politics of race, class, and feminism.Shailaja Paik is Malathy Singh Visiting Assistant Professor of South Asian History at Yale University this year and Assistant Professor of History at University of Cincinnati. In her work, she tracks the history of Dalit women's emancipation through education and raises wider questions about the ways that the subordinated create spaces and sites for their own self-assertion and betterment.