Student Digest - (01/15/2013  @ 12:54 PM)

Like Cheesy 80s Rock and Unicycles? (Samuel Putnam)

If Racer X isn't quite rockin' enough for you and/or you want to help out a bunch of talented grade school kids, we've got an event for you!

On saturday, February 2, 2013, “Twyce Shy” performs a Benefit Concert at 7pm in the Orion Performing Arts Center, Topsham.

If your musical tastes are truly eclectic, come to the show in time to see the opening act - a bluegrass band named “String Tide” - before catching legendary 80s rockers “Twyce Shy”. Proceeds from the show will benefit the Woodside One Wheeler’s trip fund, helping the nationally-recognized grade school unicycle team travel to a major parade next year.

Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at The Music Center, Tontine Mall, Brunswick, or on line at Come enjoy this unique combo of talents as they perform for a great cause. For more information go to