Student Digest - (12/04/2012  @ 7:59 AM)

MUSIC: TWO Recitals on Friday (Linda Marquis)

Lunchbreak Concert
Friday, Dec. 7 - NOON
Gibson 101 - Free Admission

Grab your lunch and head on over to Gibson Hall for the penultimate recital of the Fall semester featuring these fine student musicians:

Audrey Blood, cello
Tucker Colvin, voice
Graham Hotchkiss, cello
Brian Kim, voice
Jessie Kohn, cello
Tom Peabody, voice
Peter Vallimarescu, voice

Double Dose Cafe
Friday, Dec. 7 - 4:00 pm
Studzinski - Free Admission

And last but not least we present our final student recital of the semester featuring the many talents of:

Allison Beeman, flute
Nick Telenson, violin
Connor Smith, guitar
Rachel Lopkin, flute
Elisabeth Strayer, violin
Yimin Peng, flute
Hanni Haynes, viola
Molly Ridley, jazz piano