Faculty-Staff Digest - (12/03/2012  @ 8:23 AM)

MUSIC: Chamber Music Fest! - Thursday (Linda Marquis)

Thursday, December 6, 2012
Studzinski Recital Hall
4:00 pm and 7:30 pm - free admission

Our first group of Chamber Ensembles, coached by Kathleen McNerney, Mary Hunter, and George Lopez, perform works by Ibert, Mozart, and Menotti:

Xiabo Xia, oboe
Inho Hwang, clarinet
Kristen Nocka, cello

Charlotte Rutty, violin
Maddy Livaudais, viola
Maddy Lamo, cello
Alexander Ma, piano

Carolina Deifelt Streese, cello
Julia Mead, cello
Chunying Luo, piano

Our second group of Chamber Ensembles, coached by Mary Hunter, George Lopez, and Anita Jerosch, perform pieces by Ravel, Beethoven, Ewald, and Dvorak:

Jasmine Terry-Shindelmann, violin
Christopher Genco, violin
Caroline Prokopowicz, viola
Graham Hotchkiss, cello

Adam Zhang, violin
Jehwoo Ahn, viola
Hannah Judd, cello
Sarah Liu, piano

Thomas Read, trumpet
Jacob Forsyth, trumpet
Garrett English, French horn
Lucas Shaw, trombone
Anita Jerosch, bass trombone

June Woo, violin
Sabine Berzins, violin
Hanni Haynes, viola
Sheng Ge, cello
Fengming Zhang, piano