Learning Digital Skill-sets

Some digital asset files require editing or processing once they are acquired. This may involve compiling clips, cropping out content, resizing, color correction, sound processing, compression, etc. Settings associated with this editing should be determined by the required future use of the file. Any file changes should be made on a copy (derivative) of the original (master) file and saved as a separate file. Image editing programs such as Photoshop are available from IT. Sound and video editing software is available in some labs and may be included in the basic software installed on you computer.

Collection managers and others associated with a collection or project may request training on any of the following related topics:

  • Digital Literacy
  • Acquisition of images (Scanning, Using a Digital Camera)
  • Processing of images (Photoshop)
  • Acquisition of digital video (Conversion, Using a Digital Video Camera)
  • Processing of digital video (iMovie, Final Cut suite)
  • Acquisition of digital audio (Conversion/importing, Using a Digital Audio Recorder)
  • Processing of digital audio (Studio)
  • File management (related to storage and backup locations)
  • Cataloging Programs