Our Career Planning Isn't About Knowing What To Do With The Rest Of Your Life.
It's About Knowing What To Do Today.

Classroom ExplorationWe believe that when it comes to career planning, sooner is better. For students, it's largely uncharted territory. We've all been there… it's a time of our lives when there are more questions than answers. And sometimes, figuring out which questions are important is the hard part. The Explore phase of our career planning features early, ongoing engagement with students that gives them everything they need to make successful transitions from the undergraduate to the post–graduate or professional world.

There's another benefit to our approach of connecting with students in their first year: it helps to cast students’ education in a different light by offering a more meaningful, broader perspective to the academic choices they make here. This is just one way Bowdoin Career Planning empowers students to achieve their goals.

If You Can't Have All The Answers, At Least Have All The Tools To Find Them.

At this stage of their lives, students need the tools to help them discover more about themselves, and resources to help them explore particular career interests once they do. We provide students with the resources they'll need to identify the values and motivations that will drive their career choices. One example is Do What You Are— a 15–minute online survey that students can take to learn about their personality type and then review career options that coincide.

We strive to create a culture that encourages and motivates students to begin to think — and more importantly, act — with regards to their career exploration. Wherever students are in the process of career exploration, we're going to be there to provide guidance, information, and an individualized approach.

Let's Put It This Way: We Make Success Hard To Avoid.

Career planning is most effective when there's an ongoing dialogue with students that extends beyond the walls of the Career Planning Center. It can happen in one–on–one advising sessions or a casual conversation at our "Ask Career Planning" table in the student union. There are also many other places on campus where we visit with students to begin a conversation that will help demystify the daunting task of figuring out what a student may want to do with his or her life.

It can happen through customized meetings we set up with athletic teams or organizations like the Bowdoin Outing Club. It can happen through alumni advising and panel discussions, through the mentorship of faculty, or through resources like our website — a dynamic way for students to explore careers or make connections at any time of day or night in the form of online tools, blogs, and videos. If you're getting the sense that students can make career planning progress anywhere, it's because they can.