Students Need To Open Doors.  We Have Keys For Most Of Them.

ExperienceTo a great degree, professional life begins with the summer internship — and the successful summer internship begins here. To help students create the strongest applications possible, Bowdoin Career Planning provides skill-building resources to give our students an advantage in a competitive world. The Experience phase is designed to develop skills such as interviewing, resume development, and effective networking. The skills students learn in this phase will prepare them not only for their first job, but also for job searches and interviews for the rest of their professional lives.

Bowdoin Career Planning - It's Not Just Advice.
It's An Advantage.

Where you get advice can make all the difference in the world. With Bowdoin Career Planning, students have access to the Bowdoin Career Advisory Network (BCAN), a group of alumni and parents from a wide variety of backgrounds lending their expertise to help students explore careers, ask questions, and discuss professional life beyond Bowdoin. Using these resources, students can learn about careers from advisors who are leaders in all walks of life. Thousands of accomplished Bowdoin alumni and parents have volunteered to provide advice and direction on their fields of experience. See the Alumni and Parents sections of this site for more information about how to get involved in this program.

And You Thought Six Degrees Of Separation Was Cool.

Talk about connections. As a member of the Liberal Arts Career Network (LACN), a consortium of more than 30 top tier colleges that shares job and internship listings via an online job site, our students have access to thousands of internships that are listed in the LACN database each year across a range of interests and industries. Bowdoin Career Planning means more possibilities.

Learning How To Be Buttoned Up.  It Starts With, Well…Buttoning Up.

Who says preparing for the professional world has to be dull? If you had any doubts, the Bowdoin Career Planning Do's and Don'ts Fashion Show will dispel them. Our yearly Do's and Don'ts Fashion Show is a crowd-pleasing introduction to dressing for professional success (as modeled by current students), and pitfalls to avoid (as modeled by Bowdoin faculty and staff).

Another popular event, the Bowdoin Career Planning Etiquette Dinner and Reception, is designed to teach the skills required for success in a professional environment, like basic table etiquette and common reception courtesies. This event is often led by Tim Foster, Dean of Student Affairs.