Why Bowdoin

We Already Have Something In Common. Incredibly High Standards.

Study GroupWhy consider a Bowdoin student? We're a highly selective liberal arts college of just over 1700 students with a faculty and staff committed to individual attention for each student, and a student body committed to academic excellence. More than half were in top 5% of their high school class, and each class of approximately 485 students is selected from more than 6000 applicants. Our student body represents all 50 states and 44 foreign countries with nearly 33% students of color.

You Have To Be Good To Get In Here. And Even Better To Get Out.

Your challenge is to make the right hires for your organization. We meet this challenge with students who have proven critical thinking and communication skills, experience in collaborative environments, and the flexibility to adapt to the ongoing challenges of today's professional world.

And, we do have some experience… we've been preparing students for the real world since 1794. And although we live in a different world now, our commitment to helping students succeed remains steadfast.

Our students have many strengths and qualities that make them suitable for a broad range of jobs and internships. They're leaders in academics and extracurricular activities, and although they are all unique individuals, as a community they place a high value on service to the Common Good, a principle of enhancing society that permeates the College. In short, a Bowdoin liberal arts education has been shown to produce analytical thinkers, good communicators, team players and effective leaders.

Bowdoin Career Planning also helps students assess their skills and personalities, and explore careers before making decisions. Before participating in our recruiting programs, students have taken the time to understand your industry and choose a field that aligns with their strengths and personality. It's a detail that can mean the difference between a candidate who will fit in and succeed at your organization, and one who won't. We encourage you to promote your employment opportunities to this bright group of students.