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Student EmploymentIf you have a job opportunity you would like to publicize to Bowdoin students, Bowdoin Career Planning can post your listing through Symplicity, our online career planning management system. Postings should be of an appropriate professional level (i.e. entry level or internship), as alumni do not have access to this job database. 

We are not able to advertise part-time, local positions or to post jobs and internships for individuals or independent contractors who do not represent an established employer, commission-only positions, or positions for which the qualifications are not an appropriate match to those of current Bowdoin students and graduating seniors.

Please only submit your position if it is an entry-level position that will accept applications from a current senior with a start date after graduation OR if it is a summer internship opportunity for an undergraduate. We will not post positions with an immediate start date or one that has requirements that could not potentially be met by a graduating senior (e.g., extensive experience, or advanced degrees).

There are three ways you can submit your job or internship opportunity to our office:

1. Complete our online job submission form. Once you submit this form, we will post the opportunity to our job database.

2. Create an account on our career management system, Symplicity. Employers are able to post job or internships opportunities on their own through Symplicity. Using Symplicity, you can post job and internship opportunities so that students can apply with their resume, and other appication materials, directly through the site. We call this a resume referral, and since this option is particularly convenient for students, it may increase the number of applications you receive for a position. Applications can be emailed to the employer as they are received or in a bundle at the end of the application period. These resume referrals can be used in place of or in addition to an employer’s typical application process, or can be used by alumni or parent contacts as a means of pre-screening Bowdoin applications prior to submitting them officially to Human Resources for consideration. Once posted, your opportunity will be reviewed and approved by our staff. Click here to create your account, or log in to an existing account.

3. Email your opportunity to our office. You can also email your opportunity directly to us. Job opportunities should be sent to our Assistant Director of Employer Relations at Internship opportunities should be sent to Dighton Spooner, Senior Associate Director, at

If you choose to email your opportunity, please be sure to include the following information:

  • Contact name and email address
  • Job description/requirements
  • Location
  • Dates of employment (if internship)
  • Compensation
  • Requested application materials
  • Whether or not international students are eligible to apply
  • Deadline by which you would like to receive applications

The Liberal Arts Career NetWORK provides a job and internship listing service that gives you the opportunity to reach over 60,000 students at 28 highly selective, small, private liberal arts colleges with just one posting, for free!

If you have questions about submitting a job or internship opportunity, please contact:
Patrick Lavallee Delgado, Assistant Director of Employer Relations
(207) 721-5601