Campus Recruiting Options

When It Comes To Recruiting, What Works For You Works For Us.

On–Campus Interviews

We can arrange a half-day, full-day, or multiple schedules of student interviews, depending on the number of candidates with whom you'd like to meet. Bowdoin Career Planning has dedicated interview rooms available for use, and can arrange for additional interview and group meeting space if needed.

Information Sessions

These informational meetings are generally either held the evening before on-campus interviews or a few weeks prior to conducting on-campus interviews as a means of generating interest.

Due to the athletic and extracurricular demands of our students, we recommend that information sessions be held between 7:00 – 8:30 pm in order to have access to the largest number of candidates. Information sessions may be held in the Bowdoin Career Planning Center (15–20 person capacity), Lancaster Lounge (50 person capacity), or Main Lounge (100+ person capacity) of Moulton Union, depending on availability. The Employer Relations Coordinator can advise you on the optimal location and timing if you have specific requests. There are no room reservation fees.

Resume Referral

Organizations that are unable to schedule a campus visit but would like to receive application information from candidates may choose a resume referral. For a resume referral, we will advertise your organization and position, along with a deadline date by which students must submit their materials via eRecruiting. Many organizations then choose to follow up with a campus visit based on the number of qualified candidates they receive.

Applications can be emailed to the employer as they are received or in a bundle at the end of the application period. Resume referrals can be used in place of or in addition to an employer’s typical application process, or can be used by alumni or parent contacts as a means of pre-screening Bowdoin applications prior to submitting them officially to Human Resources for consideration.

Information Table

If you would like direct access to students in a high-traffic public space, you may choose to staff an Information Table in our student union, either as its own event or in conjunction with an information session and interviews. Arrangements for a table may be made through the Employer Relations Coordinator.

Bowdoin/Bates/Colby Recruiting

If time does not allow you to visit all three schools, we can arrange a recruiting visit for you that includes students from Bates and/or Colby in information sessions and on–campus interviews.

Maine Employers Career Fair
This Bowdoin event is free to all companies and organizations in the state of Maine who offer entry-level full time and internship positions to graduating seniors and current students.  It is designed to keep top talent from leaving the state after graduation and raise awareness of the diversity of companies and organizations that are based in Maine.

Graduate & Professional School Fair
Colby, Bates and Bowdoin Colleges invite you to join us at our annual Graduate and Professional School Fair to be held in October.  Typically, more than 500 undergraduate students from the three campuses participate in this historically successful event.  The timing of the CBB Graduate and Professional School Fair enables you to conveniently visit all three colleges over a two-day period.  The tour starts with Colby College in the north and heads south to Bates College and finishes on the coast at Bowdoin College.